Summary of 2006 Accomplishments

Middle Rogue Steelhead Chapter of Trout Unlimited, Inc.
Grants Pass, Oregon

1.    Angler Education:  We put on half-day angler education sessions for 5th graders at the Jerome Prairie, Fruitdale, Lincoln, Allen Dale, Highland, Ft. Vannoy and Manzanita elementary schools in Josephine County.  We also participated in the Medford Sports show and the Walk on the Rogue Event sponsored by the City of Grants Pass by manning booths and/or giving casting lessons.  We participated with 2 local cub scouts groups and children from the YMCA by taking them fishing plus giving lessons in casting and water safety.  We were involved in the BLM’s Cast for Kids event for handicapped children at Hyatt Lake and we placed hatch boxes with fertilized anadromous fish eggs in 9 different elementary schools.  After the eggs hatch the fish will be released by the children.  Volunteer time for these events was approximately 870 hours.  Not counting hatch box activity, 760 kids were reached.

 2.    We handled the fish measurement and recording during the Blackbird $5000 fishing contest at Howard Prairie Reservoir. Approximately 250 contestants were involved.
 3.    During the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife’s free fishing weekend, we provided bait, fishing equipment and fishing lessons for kids who participated in the Lake SelmacFamily Fish Day sponsored by Josephine County.  Approximately 200 kids were served by this event.

 4.    We participated in 7 different Riparian Planting projects in cooperation with local Watershed councils and other organizations involved in riparian restoration.  All of these projects were carried out in riparian zones that had been abused by past human activity.  Most of the sites were “hardened” which means that many planting sites had to be drilled with power augers and mulched during planting efforts.    Shade and deer protection and some subsequent irrigation by landowners were also employed to increase post planting survival in these harsh sites.  We estimate that we planted about a mile of riparian zone in the last season.
  5.    In cooperation with the landowner and the local watershed council, we erected approximately ½ mile of fence to contain domestic sheep and cattle that were being grazed along Little Butte Creek which is an important steelhead and salmon spawning stream.
 6.    We conducted a membership recruitment effort and information booth inside the GI Joe’s Sporting Goods store in Medford, Oregon.  GI Joe’s is the major sporting goods retailer in SW Oregon and one that we have built a solid relationship with over the years.
 7.    We purchased and donated two high-powered night-recording-capable video cams to the Oregon State Patrol to use in their video surveillance fish and wildlife enforcement activities.  Total value of the cams was $1200.
 8.    Made a $200 donation to the Seven Basins Watershed Council for purchase of planting materials to support their riparian re-vegetation efforts.

 9.    Awarded two $1,000 scholarships to two Oregon State University Graduate fisheries students to assist in continuing their education.
10.    Implemented a Middle Rogue Steelhead Chapter Website.  This effort has dramatically expanded our ability to reach out to chapter members as well as the general public.  It will also reduce mailing costs of newsletters by half or more.

11.    Used Chapter resources to give support to implementation of mandatory day use fees in Josephine County Parks so that backlog boat ramp and park maintenance could be implemented.  The fees are now mandatory.
12.    Completed Broken Kettle Stream Structure Placement Project in cooperation with the Illinois Valley / Galice District of the US Forest Service.  Donated $1200 to transport root wads to the project site and contributed the bulk of the manual labor that went into installing the structures.
13.    Sponsored a Red Cross Approved 1st Aid – CPR session for members and spouses.
14.    Staffed a conservation and recruitment booth at the Medford Sportsman and Boat Show.

15.    Hog Creek Boat Ramp Improvement Project: Raised $15,000 in matching funds including $3400 from the Middle Rogue Steelheaders, sought and acquired federal and state grants and worked the project thru 11 different state and federal agencies to acquire the necessary construction permits for this $120,000 project on Josephine county land along the Rogue Wild and Scenic River.  The new facility augments an existing ramp that was tremendously overcrowded and had become unsafe for use by boats.
16.    Pledged 300 man-hours of volunteer labor toward the completion of a proposed Sucker Creek Riparian Rehabilitation project in cooperation with the Forest Service on Sucker Creek which is a major anadromous spawning and rearing stream.
17.    Raised over $15,500 thru our annual Fall Salmon Derby for fisheries conservation and enhancement projects in the future.
18.    Conducted Chapter fishing clinics for members on back-bouncing, side-drifting, bottom-fishing and steelhead fishing techniques.
19.    Conducted several one on one clinics for new drift boat owners in the Chapter who needed instruction in safe rowing techniques and river navigation.
20.    Participated in the Bureau of Land Management’s annual summer river cleanup event within the Recreation Section of the Rogue Wild and Scenic River.

21.    Hosted 9 guest speakers from a range of agencies and businesses to come in and give presentations on a variety of fisheries conservation topics at our monthly Chapter Meeting.
22.    Conducted our annual drift boat Rogue River cleanup project including volunteer divers from the Josephine County Sheriff’s Department.
23.    In cooperation with the ODFW, installed two new line and leader collection stations at Baker Park and White Horse boat ramps in cooperation with the ODFW.  Maintained a total of three stations.
24.    Organized and sponsored 9 Chapter lake fishing trips to 5 different lakes for 39 anglers that provided a total of 120 angler-days of recreation.
25.    Organized and sponsored 9 Chapter river fishing trips by drift boat involving a total of 14 drift boat owners and provided a total of 105 angler-days of river recreation.
26.    Submitted four proposed articles with pictures to the editor of TU’s Trout magazine for consideration (angler education in local elementary schools, Broken Kettle Creek stream structures, Hog Creek Boat Ramp Improvement Project, Babyfoot Lake fish pack-in).

27.    Cooperated with the ODFW and Illinois Valley / Galice Ranger District by providing the bulk of the muscle for the Babyfoot Lake trout pack-in restoration effort.
28.    Worked thru the Southern Oregon Association of River Anglers (SOARA) in contacting political and enforcement entities regarding the implementation and enforcement of rules, laws and regulations pertaining to the maintenance and protection of riparian zones.
29.    Assisted SOARA with the distribution of an ODFW pamphlet on riparian protection mailed to all the riverside property owners along the Rogue between Grave Creek and Lost Creek Dam (approximately 50 miles).
30.    Donated $1,000 to Josephine Parks Foundation for the purchase and installation of two additional Ft Knox Fee Collection boxes to be installed at ramps where theft of day use fees has been a serious problem.  This is a reflection of our continued support to mandatory day use fees at County parks and boat ramps on the Rogue River.  We are big users of these facilities and many of them desperately need maintenance and improvement.

31.    We worked cooperatively with the ODFW to place and monitor fish traps in small spawning and rearing tributaries along the Rogue River.  All of our participants have been thru ODFW sponsored fish identification courses.  The information collected will help the ODFW identify fish migration routes, populations and species composition.  It will also help pinpoint barriers and predation problems.  Creeks monitored included Larson, Wetstone, Picket, Military Slough and Sand and some with no names.  Emphasis has been on streams within and adjacent to urban areas.
32.    Worked in partnership with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to take water quality samples in runoff from the abandoned Alameda mine immediately adjacent to the Rogue River.  This effort required our members to launch a drift boat to access the site every time a sample was taken.
33.    Participated in the ODFW Youth Angler Program by preparing rods in advance and assisting youngsters on the day of the event at Wetstone Lake.

34.    Staffed an ODFW booth at the Home Show in Central point to promote responsible use of our natural resources and solicit new members for the Chapter.

35.    Assisted ODFW in trout sampling for the HIN virus at Willow Lake.

36.    Manned an information booth at the Grants Pass Garden show to promote responsible stream/river use and solicit new members for our Chapter.
37.    Replaced flood damaged “Adopt a River” signs on that section of the Middle Rogue River where the Steelheaders carry out river cleanup activities.
38.    Donated labor to clean up Josephine County’s Turtle Lane Property on the Applegate River so it could be once again opened to public access during the winter steelhead season after several years of closure.  This property is one of the very few publicly owned parcels that allow fisherman access to the Applegate River.

39.    Hosted Luca Adelfio of TU on a tour of Chapter field projects and then took him down the Rogue in a drift boat after Chinook salmon.  He wrote up a summary of the visit on TU’s website.
40.    Hosted Kate Miller and Alan Moore  of TU’s state office on a tour of the proposed Applegate hydroelectric project and Applegate dam.
41.    Photographed and documented numerous violations of riparian ordinances and set-back regulations and took the information to the appropriate enforcement agencies in an attempt to get action against the violators.
42.    Contributed $1000 to Curry Anadromous Fishermen (CAF) for operation of the Indian Creek Fish Hatchery.  This is the third year we have made this contribution to help with the operation.
43.    Contributed approximately 6000 hours of volunteer labor to fisheries conservation activities over the last year!!!!!

Compiled from monthly Board Meeting minutes and input from Steelheader Committee chairpersons.  

Mike Cooley, President
Middle Rogue Steelhead Chapter


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