Why change the policy:
For a very long time the club has had a policy of offering every new member a club sponsored river or lake trip with seating prioritized ahead of any other club member. The club membership has grown to the point that this policy is slowing or blocking trips for existing members who have been working for the benefit of the club’s goals and who have also been promised a trip.

The new policy:
As of June 1st, 2016 the Middle Rogue Steelheaders will offer every new member who has taken part in an acceptable club activity a prioritized seat in a club sponsored river or lake fishing trip.

Acceptable activities are those that already reward existing members such as Angler-Ed, C & R, and many others.


  • A more timely, prioritized reward for new members who are helping the club with its goals
  • Improved timing of rewards for existing members who are helping the club with its goals
  • A stronger emphasis on the concept of reward for work

Board of Directors – MRS

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